Restaurant Employers Push to Refine Full-Time Definition

By July 24, 2013Blog
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Delay in employer mandate “cuts both ways”

Restaurants and other employers essentially got an extra year to push for Obamacare changes when the administration delayed the law’s employer mandate. But the delay isn’t as beneficial as it sounds.

The delay the the mandate until 2015 left two big sticky issues standing in the way for employers:

  1. A lowered sense of urgency in Congress to enact the changes they want,  and
  2. Sharp divisions among House Republicans over how to approach the law

Definition delayed?

For many employers, the biggest concern remains the health law’s definition of full time. The law, as it stands, defines coverage-eligible, full-time workers as those clocking 30 hours per week. But many businesses are hoping to get that raised to 40 hours, the more traditional definition of full time.

Defining full-time at 40 hours per week versus 30 hours per week, would greatly change the execution of the employer mandate. Currently the law provides that companies with more that 50 full-time workers to offer those employees affordable health coverage, with full time meaning 30 hours a week. Employers have been furiously lobbying Congress to change that to 40 hours, attracting bipartisan attention on the Hill.

In the current climate, it’s unclear whether GOP House leaders will get the 218 votes they’d need to pass legislation changing the workweek definition.

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