Paycheck Calculators

We offer paycheck calculators to help you out.

Gross Up Calculator

Determines the amount of gross wages before taxes and deductions are withheld, given a specific take-home pay amount.

Salary Paycheck Calculator

Calculates salaried employees’ net pay (take home pay), which is wages after withholdings for taxes and deductions. Allows employees to enter either their per pay period or annual salary.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator

Calculates take home pay based on up to six different pay rates that you enter.

Tax Tip Calculator

Similar to the hourly calculator but this calculator will allow a tax amount to be added to the gross pay to compute taxes on tips plus regular wages.

Percent Bonus Calculator

Uses supplemental tax rates to calculate payroll withholding on special wage payments such as bonuses. If your state does not have a special rate, use the aggregate bonus payroll calculator.

Aggregate Bonus Calculator

Uses last paycheck amount to apply correct payroll withholding rates to special wages such as bonuses. State-by-state compliant for states that allow aggregate method.

Form W-4 Assistant

Takes you step by step through the process of filling out a Form W-4 to determine how much of your pay is withheld for taxes. Print an official copy to sign and file with your company.