Time & Attendance Management

PayVision Online’s Time is an internet-based solution for businesses that want to automate all labor management processes from time and attendance through payroll preparation.

Time is an easy to use tool for tracking employees and their time, managing complicated schedules, equitably distributing overtime, while reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks.

Administrators, supervisors, and employees have 24/7 access to their labor information. Administrators and supervisors can run a variety of real time reports including absent or late employees, employees currently on premises, extensive labor allocation, current and historical timecards and accrual benefit information. All reports can be printed to PDF or exported to Excel, Excel.csv, HTML, or XML. The notification system can generate emails based on certain events making it a proactive system.

Time allows for several methods for collecting employee labor information. Employees can clock in and clock out via an internet browser, through traditional data collection devices such as badge readers and biometric readers or via telephone. Security profiles can allow access from the office, shop floor, remote off-site locations, or even from home. Supervisors have secure access to employee information from any browser-enabled PC, allowing them to view all employee labor data and enter revisions in real time. They can act promptly on reported absences and approve, amend or reject exceptions such as early clock-ins, late clock-outs and overtime.

Employees can view summaries of their timecards, schedules, adjustments and year-to-date accrual and benefit balances, as well as request time-off. If notifications are enabled, their respective supervisor is then notified via email that they have a request to approve or deny.

Time accurately processes and calculates all time and attendance data, applying grace periods, complex business rules, rates, and policies. Accrual and benefit values are automatically incremented for both salaried and hourly personnel. This automation can save up to 80% of the time required for manual payroll preparation.

Time efficiently automates:

  • Timekeeping
  • Personnel Scheduling
  • Business Rules Processing
  • Labor and Job Allocation
  • Complex PTO Accruals
  • Approval of PTO Requests

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